Which trip is right for me?

All of our trips were hand selected for a quality hiking experience, whether it's hiking mile for mile on the most beautiful trail in America, visiting the most picturesque high alpine lakes, or escaping the snow for a stunning view of the Mogollon Rim.

Things to consider when booking your first guided hiking trip:

  • Camp- how many times will I need to pack my items up and move
  • Elevation- what elevation is camp and hiking
  • Elevation gain- how much or little each hiking day and overall
  • Miles- overall and each day


Winter Park Family Camp

Miles: 19.6 miles. Elevation Gain: 5,442. Basecamp style.

Winter Park Girl Power

Miles: 23.3 miles. Elevation Gain: 7,318. Basecamp style.

Winter Park BaseCamp

Miles: 29.5 miles. Elevation Gain: 8,115. Basecamp style.



Miles: 40-55 miles. Elevation Gain: 6,000-10,000. Basecamp style or move camp 2-3 times.

Hermosa - San Juan Mountains

Miles: 50-62 miles. Elevation Gain: 6,000-8,000. Basecamp style or move camp 1-2 times, higher in elevation than AZ.

Intermediate / Advanced

Colorado Trail Section 3

Miles: 56.7 miles. Elevation Gain: 9,300. Move camp 3 times, 1 night at a public campground (a small chance for additional nights).

Colorado Trail Section 1

Miles: 71.7 miles. Elevation Gain: 12,416. Move camp 2 times, 4 nights at a public campground, 16+ mile hiking days.

Colorado Trail Section 2

Miles: 65.6 miles. Elevation Gain: 11,468. Move camp 3 times, Longer hikes including an 18 mile hiking day.

Colorado Trail Section 4

Miles: 71.8 miles. Elevation Gain: 14,268. Move camp 3 times, longer hikes including an 18 mile hiking day.

Colorado Trail Section 7

Miles: 73.5 miles. Elevation Gain: 11,897. Move camp most days, longer hikes and bigger elevation gain.


Colorado Trail Section 5

Miles: 76.8 miles. Elevation Gain: 14,160. Move camp most days, longer hikes and bigger elevation gain

Colorado Trail Section 6

Miles: 73 miles. Elevation Gain: 14,599. Move camp almost every day, a 20+ mile hike day, only week with a rest day due to difficult climb, hike over 15 miles, highest point on CT, high elevation, and steep climbs.