Overview of the Mogollon Rim
These hikes are along the Mogollon Rim, primarily south of it, running East/West.  The average elevation is about 5,000-6,000 feet above sea level.   It is truly a unique part of the Southwest,-this rim extends East-West over  200 miles and with  2,000 feet of vertical relief at times! Separating the lofty Colorado Plateau from the lower Sonoran Desert, it offers us a variety of terrain, vegetation and wildlife for our hikes.

Hiking Details
The trails that we will hike follow the Rim in an East-West direction.  This means the terrain is often rolling up and down through drainages.  The longest of these climbs are about 400-600 feet, many are less.  Total elevation gain/loss for our hiking days  will be between 1,200-2,000 cumulative feet.  We have planned hiking distances of about 10 miles per day, the longest day is about 15 miles and our final hiking day is shorter, about 6 miles.  Normally our day will consist of about 6-7 total hours on the trail, including rests and lunch.  We are  also be able to offer alternate, shorter hikes if some people prefer.  And there is always the option of a rest day and shorter walks around camp if you desire!   

Camping Details
Camping is on the Tonto National Forest, in dispersed sites.  The sites we use are spacious and due to our midweek use they are very quiet.  Initially we will bring you to a basecamp with we will use for the first part of the week.  Hikes will either be into/out of camp or have a short shuttle (15-30 minutes).  Midweek we will move camp, in order to be closer to the rest of our hiking.

We will have coffee/hot drinks available early every morning, and will follow up shortly after with a hot , hearty and healthy breakfast.  After breakfast, pick up your lunch bag and get ready for the hiking day.  Our trail guides will lead you during the day, on the trail and at breaks.  Once you return to camp, enjoy our hot shower, hot/cold drinks, community tent and chairs, and an appetizer.  We serve your “camp gourmet” dinner at about 6:00.  The evening is yours for socializing or enjoying  your own solitude.

Weather Forecast
The weather averages for late April/early May is daytime highs in the upper 60’s to lower 70 degrees and night time lows from about 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit.  Be prepared for breezy spring conditions.  And remember, there is always a chance of rain, snow or hail.  We can’t control the weather!