Space is limited to 12 hikers.
The price for this section is $1275.

This includes all transportation, healthy meals, camping, showers, guided hiking, and excellent staff for the week! As always, we will cook delicious and nutritious breakfasts and dinners, and offer buffet lunch-packing. Our focus is to provide you with plenty of fresh food, and we can easily accommodate dietary restrictions. We will also pick up/drop off at the Albuquerque airport if you are flying. There is a $400 deposit to secure your spot.

The Sandia Mountains are located in northern New Mexico, just east of the city of Albuquerque. This small and unique mountain range, approximately 30 miles north to south, offers a fantastic variety of views, mountain peaks and differing ecosystems.  10 million years ago, geologic uplift created the impressive western escarpment, offering 4,000 feet of vertical relief.  As a result, the views from the crest, the peaks and the passes are often spectacular.

The Sandia Mountains are a paradise in the high desert.  Sandia is Spanish for "watermelon", and they are likely named for their resemblance to this fruit, with a long profile and pink tinted rock.  This unique and beautiful range was one of the earliest to acquire protection by Congress as a Wilderness Area in 1978.

The range is largely within the Cibola National Forest.  Its highest point is Sandia Crest, 10,678 feet, while the lowest trailhead starts at about 6,500 feet.  These different elevations create four distinct ecosystems- from high desert and grasslands at the base to an alpine zone at the crest- offering hikers fantastically varied views!   Blooming cactus near the bottom give way to pinyon-juniper forests, then pines, aspens and finally spruce trees emerge amidst the rocky cliffs below the crest. 

Join us for 6 days of exploring these unique peaks, passes and the Sandia Crest.  Learn why the La Luz Trail is considered the most beautiful trail in the Sandias.  Then climb North and South Sandia Peaks, completing the entire Sandia Crest Trail along the way!  We will camp in a secluded and roomy campsite just south of the mountains, and drive to our daily destinations.