Moderate Difficulty with 2 Advanced Days
Highest Elevation Point for Week - 12,440
Lowest Elevation Point for Week - 9,200

Start Date Description Miles Elevation Gain Elevation Loss
Day 1 Meet for Week - Leadville      
Day 2 Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass 12.5 2,520 600
Day 3 Georgia Pass to North Fork of Swan River 7.4 0 1,540
Day 4 North Fork of Swan River to Highway 9 13.2 1,100 1,520
Day 5 Highway 9 to Copper Mountain 12.8 3,600 2,700
Day 6 Copper Mountain to Camp Hale, Disperse 18.0 2,598 3,000
  TOTALS 63.9 9,818 9,360



Day One… Pack your gear and tent to be put on the support trucks and then enjoy a moderately easy twelve and half mile hike passing through numerous meadows to the top of the historic Georgia Pass where base camp will be set up at an elevation of 11,600 feet. The views from this camp are 360 degrees and almost unlimited! This nice campsite located in a grassy meadow on the edge of Spruce trees at the top of the Continental Divide.

Day Two… Pack your gear and tent to be put on the support trucks.  After breakfast, enjoy the wonderful views one more day and start descending into the Swan River drainage.  This is an easy hike for the day with lots of time allowed to smell the flowers.

Day Three… No need to pack your gear this morning.  We stay at this campsite for the next two nights!  This day of hiking will be mostly in the lodge pole pine forests interspersed with grassy meadows.  The trail will allow you to have your first glimpses of the ten-mile mountain range.   At the end of the hike, you will be shuttled back to the campsite in our passenger van.

Day Four… This is the day you have been waiting for! This hiking day will go over the magnificent Ten-mile Mountain range.  The steep alpine mountainsides here will be a challenge even for the seasoned hiker, but the CT is well maintained.  This day has big elevation gains, which you must be physically prepared for. However, the views from the top of the pass are incredibly beautiful.  From the top at 12,400 feet, you have a 360-degree view looking into the Holy Cross Wilderness and Gore Mountain Range.  This is a spectacular day. At days end, you will have about a 45 minute shuttle back to base camp.

Day Five… Pack your gear and tent, eat breakfast and get ready for the final days hike.  It is a long one at 18 miles. (You can choose riding in the support vehicle to the next campsite if you do not want to tackle this long day of hiking.)   After an hour shuttle, the hike will begin at the base of the Copper Mountain Ski resort.  After hiking 9.7 miles with an elevation gain of 2,200 feet you will reach the top of Searle Pass.  At that point, the climbing is mostly done for the day but about eight and a half miles remain to hike. This last half of the hike has wonderful panoramic views.

You will be shuttled back to your vehicle Friday afternoon.