Moderate Difficulty with 1 Advanced Day
Highest Elevation Point for Week - 11,870
Lowest Elevation Point for Week - 8,400

  Description Miles Elevation Gain Elevation Loss
Day 1 Meet for Week - Poncha Springs      
Day 2 Clear Creek to North Cottonwood Creek 18.5 4,520 3,840
Day 3 N Cottonwood Creek to Chaffee CR. 344 9.6 2,500 3,000
Day 4 Raspberry Gulch to Chalk Creek
Van Shuttle Chalk Creek to C.R. 344
C.R. 344 to C.R. 322
Day 5 Raspberry Gulch to Goat Wadi 15.0 2,500 680
Day 6 Goat Wadi to Marshall Pass - Disperse 16.2 3,440 1,680
  TOTALS 72.3 14,260 10,960



Day One… is no doubt the most difficult. Please be ready for it. It is probably one of the three most difficult hiking days of the entire trekking program. The hike is 18 miles long and has an elevation gain of 4500 feet and also has accumulated descents equaling 3800 feet. This hike partakes in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area.

Day Two… the hike is shorter (but still has some hefty climbing of 2500 feet in the first three miles) than the first day giving the hiker an opportunity to recover from the first day’s hike. Plus we have the opportunity to visit to the Cotton Wood Hot Springs, which is always an added bonus. The Cottonwood Hot Springs is a funky groovy place to visit. It is like a trip back to the 70’s.
NOTE: The optional visit to Cottonwood Hot Springs is not included in the cost of this trip. 
Guests are encouraged to bring enough money to cover the fee for this venue (generally $15 or less for each)
Cottonwood Hot Springs Website 

Day Three… there are two segments of hiking this day. The first segment is 4 miles long hiking right out of camp. Due some steep cliffs and private property conflicts where the trail can not be re-routed, it is necessary to shuttle you about 11 miles on a paved county road to the next point where the Colorado Trail continues. This last leg of hiking for the day is a moderate to easy nine-mile hike. After finishing, you will take a short shuttle to the Mount Princeton Hot Springs to enjoy a soak and a shower.
NOTE: The optional visit to Mt Princeton Hot Springs is not included in the cost of this trip. 
Guests are encouraged to bring enough money to cover the fee for this venue (generally $15 or less for each).
Mt Princeton Hot Springs Website

Day Four… is a hike to Goad Wadi. During this day, you will experience hiking through some very gorgeous groves of large growth Aspen Trees. Goat Wadi is a beautiful meadow where Goat Herders had annual get togethers. No kidding!

Day Five… is a fabulous grand day where The Colorado Trail meets the Continental Divide again. From this point, The Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail follow the same route for the next 130 miles. It is an 8.5-mile, (3100 elevation gain) to the top of the Divide where we will have spectacular views! The remainder of the afternoon is a high altitude romp through alpine meadows and timber. 5 1/2 miles of hiking leads us to Marshall Pass, and the end of our hike.

A shuttle ride (45-60 minutes) will deliver you to your vehicle in Poncha Springs.