Moderate Difficulty
Highest Elevation Point for the Week - 12,490
Lowest Elevation Point for the Week - 6,960

  Description Miles Elevation Gain Elevation Loss
Day 1 Meet for Week -Durango /
optional 2.5 mile hike in the evening
Day 2 Molas Pass to Cascade Divide Road 17 2,600 2,200
Day 3 Cascade Divide Road to Hotel Draw 15 2000 1,800
Day 4 Hotel Draw to Big Bend Trail 6.3 440 240
Day 5 Big Bend to Fassbinder Gulch Campsite 18.0 1,960 2,200
Day 6 Fassbinder Gulch to Durango - Disperse 18.0 1,080 4,460
  TOTALS 73.5 8,080 11,190



Day One… of this section is seventeen miles of hiking at an average elevation of 11,000 feet. Hiking through the San Juan Mountains on this first day will be a day you will always remember and will want to return. It is very comparable to hiking in the Canadian Rockies, but at a much higher altitude. The path upon which this trail travels is very scenic and every turn creates a new view. The first day is very rewarding, but is also the most difficult. You will see some of the most spectacular views of your life including two Fourteener's, Mount Wilson and El Diente, where Navajo Sam once resided.

Day Two… is a day hike allowing the hiker to recover from the first days hike. This is a beautiful hike over Black Hawk Pass.

Day Three… is a 6.3 mile hike. Bring a book to read in camp that afternoon!! You will have lots of time to rest up for the next days hike on the hi-line trail.

Day Four… we have a long hike on the hi-line trail. Hi-line trail name implies exactly what it reads…. hiking on top of a spiny ridge with 360 degree views.
Gudy Gaskill states “From the Hi-line Trail (also know as Indian Trail Ridge), a crest of cascading wildflowers, the views of the Hermosa Valley and the La Plata Mountains are extraordinary.” On this day, the hike will top out at Kennebec Pass. From this point The Colorado Trail begins it greatest descent and altitude change.

Day Five… As you would imagine, this is the day of descent to the end of the trail. By no means is this an easy day. It is near twenty miles long but descending approximately 4500 feet. The trail generally follows the canyon of Junction Creek, winding in and out of the numerous steep side drainages.

Please make your own lodging reservations far in advance for the night before the hike and the last night because Durango will fill up quickly.

After the entire group has finished hiking and is waiting at the end of The Colorado Trail, we will shuttle everyone to their cars.

You should be to your vehicles by 6 pm on the last day. Due to the length of the last days hike and logistical issues, there will only be one shuttle available for the group once everyone is finished at the end of the trail.

All personal vehicles will be parked at the Szczech's residence.