Getting To The Trailhead Of Your Colorado Hiking Vacation

We will pick you and your gear up on Sunday (prior to the first day of hiking) at one of the central locations as described below. We will transport the entire group (who signed up for that week) to Sunday night’s base camp (trailhead where the hike will begin on Monday).

The driving time in the van from the central meeting location to the first nights base camp (Sunday night) varies from one hour to two and a half hours depending on which section.

You are responsible to arrange your own transportation to and from the central meeting location. Some suggestions are offered below. Please call Jeanne & Chris at 1-888-CME-HIKE if you need some directions or the suggestions explained. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Everyone must meet at the central meeting location on Sunday at the specified time.

The exact time at which you must arrive on Sundays central location will be available on the website the end of April. (For approximate planning purposes, most of the meeting times have been after 1pm with the exceptions of sections 6 and 7 whereupon the meeting times have been around 11 am.)

No lunch is provided at the Sunday meeting location. Please bring your own lunch (or eat prior) for that day.

An evening meal is provided for Sunday (prior to the hike on Monday).

Sunday's Central Meeting Locations for each week section:

Town Location
Section 1 - Jefferson County
Jefferson Countey Community Center   Map it
Section 2 - Leadville
Colorado Mountain College   Map it
Section 3 - Leadville
Colorado Mountain College   Map it
Section 4 - Poncha Springs
Visitor's Center   Map it
Section 5 - Southfork
Visitor's Center   Map it
Section 6 - Durango
Colorado Mountain Expeditions   Map it
Section 7 - Durango
Colorado Mountain Expeditions   Map it

Your vehicle (owned or rented) will remain at this central location for the duration of the week. Vehicles have been left at these locations in past years without theft or damage. We hope this trend will continue, but we cannot guarantee ultimate security since these parking locations are not in a totally secure environment. To be on the safe side, we recommend not leaving valuable items in the vehicle. You will be brought back to this central location as scheduled after the week’s trekking.

How Do I Get To The Various Meeting Locations?
You can drive your own vehicle, rent a car, or take a shuttle (shuttle available for sections 2, 3, 6 and 7).

Driving Time to the various meeting locations:

From Denver to:
Leadville: 3.5 hours
Poncha Springs: 3.5 hours (Salida Colorado is just ten minutes away)
South Fork: 4.5 hours (Creede is an additional 30 minutes)
Durango: 6.5 hours

From Colorado Springs to:
Leadville: 2.5 hours
Poncha Springs: 2 hours (Salida is just ten minutes away from Poncha Springs)
South Fork: 3.5 hours (Creede is an additional 30 minutes)
Durango: 5.5 hours

From Durango to:
SouthFork (section 5): 2 hours

From Albuquerque N.M. to:
SouthFork (section 5): 3 to 4 hours

What if I Live Outside the State of Colorado?
You need to arrive at least four days early to get acclimated to the higher altitude. If you do not arrive four days early, it will be most likely that you will get altitude sickness, which will prohibit you from hiking.

Travel Suggestions